Community Champions League

Community Champions League can be considered a best practice as it has benefited the target groups of several different areas. One of the main results is that participants of the CCL programme have grown as a role model within their community and have contributed to the further development of the community programmes within their area. Furthermore, former participants have grown on personal development and helped as a staff member with the next competitions.

Most of the participants have also increased their self-confidence and self-esteem. Besides, creating new friendships outside of their district and area.

The project can be considered a best practice based on several different reasons. Firstly, the participants were able to grow on personal level, showing more involvement and greater engagement within their community. In addition to, gaining a better understanding of the true values in sport. Besides the participants themselves, it is a good example of a working partnership between the third sector and the education sector. The collaboration between the different organisations and stakeholders has also significantly improved since the start of the project.

The project has already been delivered over the past few years on a local level by different partners.

Therefore, the project operators/organisers have had years of expirence, delivering the programme’.

Organisations must start at a very early stage to contact schools or give the participants time to register for the competition.

It is also advisable, based on previous experience, to deliver the programme to youngsters between the ages of 8-12 years old.

Another best practices