Aalborg Boldspilklub af 1885 (AaB)

  • Partner: Aalborg Boldspilklub af 1885 (AaB)
  • Contact: Claus Fallingborg
  • Email:cfa@aabaf1885.dk
  • Telephone: +45 25215245
  • Contact: Kenneth Cortsen
  • Email:kc@aabaf1885.dk
  • Telephone: +45 23364160

Get2Sport football school

The initiative – Get2Sport- aimed at strengthening sports activity participation in socially vulnerable areas (Aalborg Øst or the zip code 9220).

The project’s target group was children living in socially vulnerable areas, cf. the community listed above.

Children’s participation in sports is influenced by their parents’ social and cultural backgrounds. This is manifested by a lower level of sports participation for children if their parents are unemployed or face additional social or socio-economic or socio-cultural challenges compared to children whose parents are employed or living in more privileged neighbourhoods. In addition, children whose parents have a migrant background participate less in sports than children whose parents are born in Denmark. Aalborg Øst is a socially vulnerable area with an over-representation of children whose parents have an immigrant status or background and/or are outside the labour market. Therefore, it is vital to support the sport clubs in such neighbourhoods to address the social inequity in relation to sports participation. There is also a higher extent of people moving in socially vulnerable areas than in other residential areas, which also underscores a challenge for sport clubs as the clubs in such areas face a larger degree of change among their voluntary leaders, coaches and other functions. This threatens the quality of the experience for the children from these socially vulnerable areas. In addition, these areas are characterized by a large representation of people from cultures in which the Danish sports club culture (based on volunteering) is relatively unknown. This results in less sports participation in these areas and a lower level of engagement in relation to the ability to recruit volunteers.

Through the support system of this initiative, the Get2Sport football school in AaB became the biggest in Denmark, which is a crucial indication that AaB does well in building relationships in this area.

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