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  • Contact: Vaggelis Manolopoulos -Sport for Change Programs Manager
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Hope Sports

Since 2015, when the refugee influx in Greece started with dozens of thousands of people crossing the borders for seeking asylum, their effective integration has proved as a challenging point. Most of the children seeking asylum in Greece reside, with their families, in refugee camps lacking direct and daily interaction with local society. Additionally, unaccompanied children are lacking support of their significant others and they are prone to demonstrate delinquent behaviour. Children have to face a number of barriers including difficulties in language, societal stereotypes and the lack of formal education for years, which altogether undermine their inclusion in the host community.

Organization Earth has developed a Sport for Good initiative, called Hope Sports, which aims to promote social empowerment and enhance inclusion of refugee children. Youth participants’ age ranges from 7 to 17 years old and the activities are open for boys and girls.

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