Brasov Metropolitan Agency

Karate for disadvantaged children

Children from disconnected communities (marginalised areas, poverty and social marginalization, domestic violence, alcohol abuse, single-parent families, families with many children etc.) have fewer opportunities to truly participate in education and training. Even when they regularly attend school classes, the fact that they do not have proper living conditions and/or a loving and supporting family prevents them from learning in the average class rhythm. Under these conditions, the gaps widen and negative feelings (such as fear towards teachers and school and shame towards colleagues) arise. Absenteeism increases and, sooner or later, the finality is dropping out of school. Leading into the lack of compulsory education and the difficulty of obtaining professional qualification and a full integrate into the labour market.

The target group of the Karate for disadvantaged children initiative is children aged between 6 and 16years old from Brasov city. Through collaboration with the social assistance service, 15 children were included in the program, but after a period only 7 children regularly participated: 1 child of 6 years old, 2 children of 8, 1 child of 10, 2 children of 12 and one 15 year old teenager.

Objectives of the program were:

  • Awareness of personal value and increase self-esteem gained through sport, discipline and self-knowledge
  • Overcoming individual limits through will and trust

Increasing the degree of physical and emotional maturity needed for a responsible person with appropriate social behaviour who can fully integrate into the community

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