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KickStart Equality

The KickStart Equality initiative engaged sport as a tool to address the following issues:

  • Restricted mobility in public spaces ;
  • Sports is associated with men’s game; the aim of the initiative was to break this myth ;
  • Lack of health seeking behaviour;
  • Early marriages;
  • Lack of negotiations skills;
  • Lack of quality education and increased drop outs in schools;
  • Patriarchal mind-sets ;
  • Women and girls do not have a voice to express their opinions and choices;

The initiative focused on young girls (8-18 years). The girls enrolled in the KickStart Equality football programme belong to Jamia Nagar, Delhi which is a minority dominated area with migrant population in search for opportunities for employment, education, and good quality of life. Women and girls here are still grappling with equal access to public spaces and spatial restrictions leading to gender-based exclusion from shared space and civic life.

The programme’s targeted groups were limited by social – cultural limitations. The area is characterised by low education, lack of skills, lack of access, low mobility and domestic constrains limiting girls’ freedom of choice. The education facilities within the area are severely lacking. Girls find it difficult to negotiate their choices with their family members due to patriarchal mindsets.

The overall objectives of the organisation- CEQUIN- leading the project are to:

  • Improve physical and mental health amongst the participants.
  • Promote education and enhance its outcomes;
  • Improve mobility / use of public transport;
  • Improve decision making (asserting their opinion);
  • Help them create networks beyond their families and neighbours;
  • Use football as a tool to build girls’ leadership;
  • Increase girls’ participation in outdoor sports.

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