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Lost Boyz/ Lost Girlz

Chicago’s South Shore neighbourhood ranks 8th among Chicago’s 77 community areas for violent crime reports. In this neighbourhood, 31.5% of residents live below the poverty level and school-sponsored after-school programs are severely limited. Lost Boyz, Inc. (that now includes a girls’ program: Lost Girlz) is the only sports-based youth development organization in the region specifically using baseball and softball to serve the particular needs of at-risk youth. It also offers opportunities for athletes to transition into a secondary program that addresses workforce readiness and helps participants earn income.

Lost Boyz/Lost Girlz currently serve youths ages 4-24 from the Chicago South Shore neighbourhood. They target at-risk youth, specifically, those that have trouble with their academic performance or behaviour in and out of school.

The aim is to decrease violence, improve the social and emotional conditions, and provide financial opportunities among the youth in Chicago’s South Shore community.

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