Aalborg Boldspilklub af 1885 (AaB)

  • Partner: Aalborg Boldspilklub af 1885 (AaB)
  • Contact: Claus Fallingborg
  • Email:cfa@aabaf1885.dk
  • Telephone: +45 25215245

Play like a Pro

Aalborg Boldspilklub AF 1885 initiated the “ Play like a pro” programme in Aalborg to support the development of children and youth (7-18 years old) already part of a social housing project.

The “Play like a Pro” initiative focused on:

– Promoting healthy living among children and youth.

– Social insertion of young people with mental issues -from young people with a vulnerability to young people with lack of self-confidence.

– Offering participants the opportunity to be attended by social educators from the city of Aalborg and AaB’s on-site mental coach.

– Using football as the driving force to learn the values of co-operation with other young people.

Throughout the project AaB focused on improving social skills, increasing self-esteem and self-

confidence amongst all children and youngsters

involved. Throughout activities, the participants

were able to build their network, find new friends

and bond with each other and the local community, elements which encouraged their personal development.  The young people have been integrated in one of the 12 different sports or after school activity.

AaB worked with social workers and established cooperations with the community. As a result of this project, social tools on how to use sport as a tool for social integration were created together with the young participants. During the project AaB created the position of youth coach and youth referee.

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