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We are all family

Our players are coming from completely different backgrounds with ages between 13 to 25 years old. Some of them, around 25%, live on disadvantaged families, therefore they cannot afford the costs to attend the trainings.
80% of these families are from countryside (villages located near Brașov city), from one-parent families or with one/both parents abroad for work and children living with grandfathers. Kids are spending more than 1h per day to commute to the stadium.
Not wearing the uniform (or just a part of it) is frustrating for our players: they either place themselves out of the big team or they have to face risk of being discriminated by their colleagues.
Our solution helps our players to feel „safe at home” and part of a community which cares on them. We do not have had any case of discriminations; the less rich kids receive the same treatment of the others because of the efforts done by the club and its supporters.

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