Fundación Real Betis Balompié

Wherever You Play, You Win!

The main objectives of the “Wherever you play, you win!” project were to:

  • Promote healthy leisure among teenagers and young people with social insertion difficulties and vulnerability or social risk in their community.
  • Generate preventive contexts at the community level by promoting networking with the different professionals and contexts that surround the participants.
  • Facilitate participants, teenagers, and young people with difficulties of social insertion and vulnerability or social risk, the learning of values ​​and social skills through sport, using football as a socio-educational tool.
  • Connect minors and young people within the world of federated football and / or standardized contexts in all their fields, and motivate young people to participate in volunteering activities of the Fundación Real Mallorca (FRM).

The project was aimed at minors, teenagers, and young people between 13 and 21 years of age with difficulties of social insertion, associated with different risk factors. All of them derived by the different social educators of the Social Services Centre of the Municipality of Palma (CMSS), which at the same time are coordinated with other agents and social networks.

Social values were promoted through football, where cooperation, fair play, respect, the relationship between equals, prevention were addressed. In addition, part of the programme were also topics such as social inclusion in the world of federated football in some cases and incorporation volunteering for activities of the FRM.

The project was aimed at groups of between 15-20 users per neighbourhood (depending on the possibilities of the facilities), prioritizing the neighbourhoods with the greatest vulnerability with a minimum of 10 neighbourhoods. In total about 180-200 direct users from the Municipality of Palma and more than 240 potential participants per year.

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